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The Gala Awards (TGA) provides juried competitions for professionals and amateur photographers from around the world to compete in the Pollux Annual Award for the POLLUX Photographer of the Year. In addition to conducting this Annual Award, TGA hosts other juried competitions such as The Jacob Riis PEditorial and Documentary Award; The Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers;  as well as other thematic contests that offer artists opportunities for awards and recognition.

TGA hosts the above mentioned Awards to honor talented photographers and as a means of establishing and maintaining a continuing effort to help them further their careers. TGA recognizes artists’ talent through competitions juried by industry leaders, exposing their work in the media, publishing their work, hosting  collective exhibitions, and by exhibiting their work to an extensive international audience through ArtEndipity, an art portal where selected artworks can be viewed online and purchased (to be launched shortly).

Starting 2010 TGA hosted Biennials of Fine Art and Documentary Photography. The first edition was held in Madrid at the Circle of Fine Arts, the 2nd edition in Buenos Aires, 2012, at the Borges Cultural Center, and the 3rd edition was held on September through November 2014 at the Heritage Museum of Malaga exhibiting 520 artworks of 162 photographers from 25 countries. The 4th edition will be held on September 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

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