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This year’s Julia Margaret Cameron Award competition is the most accomplished and compelling photography contest I have juried in my career. I congratulate all the women who entered; each of them is worthy of recognition. That said, the nature of jurying demands that some photographs rise above others. My choices for the 2011 awards were based on several criteria: a mature aesthetic vision realized consistently throughout a body of work; compelling subject matter; mastery over craft; and minimal or tasteful digital manipulation.

Last year I juried this same competition. I noticed then a recurring theme among women photographers: a large number of the photographs forged a kind of humanism that encompassed connection, curiosity, and compassion. The same can be said of this year’s entries, but with one difference. This year’s strongest photographs and series are also fearless in the territory they enter. They break new ground in their proximity to unique people, places, and events. Among the most exciting were photographs of the Muslim minority populations in western China, the Gaza Zoo, portraits both lovely and terrifying of young Cossack women, a close encounter with the ship breakers of Bangladesh (more personal than Edward Burtynsky’s of the same subject), and a series of distorted nudes (more elegant than Andre Kertesz’s from the 1930s). They show us things we’ve rarely if ever seen whereby facts are turned into generous poetry. We experience a renewed sense of seeing and connection.

Women photographers often gain access to difficult places; they can be privy to private or personal moments generally denied (or that escape the attention of) male photographers, i.e., a Gazan zookeeper holding the contents of a cabinet of curiosities, and at the same zoo, men sitting at café tables under a billowing light-filled tent. Equally engaging are the chaotic and strangely beautiful backyards around Flatbush, NY, or a poignant series in which dolls act out real-life tragedies. Another series consists of multiple, lyrical displays of architectural fragments (by "O’Connor") that are restrained and luscious all at once. Many of the images I gave high rating to were rendered in a natural color palette. Digital can sometimes seduce photographers to over-saturate their images to the point of diminishing or distracting us from the content. Content for me is paramount; form should enhance content but in a restrained manner, as in One to Nothing. In this series, there is a formality in all the things the photographer shows us. The palette, light, and 2-1/4 format unite the various subjects as well. But as we keep looking, something singular and quirky accrues in the way the artist sees the world—a lovely yet complicated portrait of a region develops before our eyes.

Other successful images refuse the primary element of photography, light. These photographs deny as much light as possible before embracing darkness or shadow, as in the religious ceremonies in Jerusalem or the series from Potosi (Bolivia). Here the photographs themselves impose a feeling of mutual complexity in that they are beautiful objects that present perplexing or difficult subject matter. Form follows function in that their contents would escape our attention were it not for the photographers’ ability to seduce us into looking closely by way of a thrilling image. We are given the chance to examine societies that are both alien and palpably familiar. Such photographs deny the prejudice or invisibility generally bestowed on the under-represented, and spark a dialogue between subject and viewer.

Photography, by virtue of being a mechanical process, is still thought by some to be an objective record. But photographers are not objective observers. Far more sophisticated than the surveying cameras they carry, these women photographers have finely calibrated sensibilities that capture and awaken us to the world, providing connection and hope in a rapidly changing world.

Carol McCusker, Juror, Curator, Writer

SIMONA BONNANO, Italy, "Chains of Silence"

CHLOE DEWE MATHEWS, United Kingdom, "Muslim Minority in China"



Category Documentary and Editorial:

1st Prize: Chloe Dewe Mathews, United Kingdom, "Muslim Minority in China"
See images above

2nd Prize: Lisa Wiltse, USA, "Potosi"

3rd Prize: Anastasia Taylor-Lind, United Kingdom, "Gaza Zoos"

Honorable Mention: Gali Tibbon, Israel, "Candle Girls and other images"

Honorable Mention: Cristina De Middel, Spain, "Shipbreakers"

Honorable Mention: Keiko Hiromi, United States, "Jacques Cabaret"

Honorable Mention: Fani Sarri, Greece, "Pristina, Kosovo, and other images"

Honorable Mention: Anastasia Taylor-Lind, United Kingdom, "Women of the Cossack Resurgence"

Honorable Mention: Carol Isaak, USA, "Beijing Morning and other images"

Category Fine Art:

1st Prize: Simona Bonanno, Italy, "Chains of Silence"
See images above

2nd Prize: Joy Goldkind, USA, "Image 1426 and other images"

3rd Prize: Patty Caroll, USA, "Domestic Bliss and other images"

Honorable Mention: Jeannie O'Connor, USA, "Green Door and other images"

Honorable Mention: Irina Rozovsky, USA, "from the series From One to Nothing"

Honorable Mention: Meredith Mullins, USA, "Tango and other images"

Category Landscapes and Cityscapes:

1st Prize: Rosa Isabel Lopez Vazquez, Spain, "The Trip and other images"

2nd Prize: Paola Nuñez Solorio, USA, "Harlem and other NY images"


Category Architecture and Interiors:

1st Prize: Rivka Tabak, Israel, "Stairwell, Composition in Brown"

2nd Prize: Iwona Duszek, USA, "Up and Down at the Getty"

3rd Prize: Ryn Clarke, USA, "Bridge"

Honorable Mention: Judith Jones, United Kingdom, "Poundbury, Prince Charles Vision 3"

Honorable Mention: Jessica Antola, USA, "Adler, Doonan Dining"

Honorable Mention: Merrimon Crawford, USA, "Charles Deaton Window"

Category Children:

1st Prize: Sara Lindkrantz, USA, "Ben"

2nd Prize: Lisa Witlse, USA, "Potosi 002"

3rd Prize: Pat Swain, USA, "Children in Caves of Cappadocia"

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Roberts, Germany, "Madoc"

Honorable Mention: Erica Schiffman, United Kingdom, "One Future"

Honorable Mention: Eli Reinholdtsen, Norway, "Shepard Boy"

Honorable Mention: Annika Persson, Sweden, "We have had Enough"

Honorable Mention: Olya Ivanova, Russian Federation, "Nastya and Ira, sisters"

Honorable Mention: Irute Jaruseviciute, Lithuania, Gentle Butterfly 1"

Category Documentary and Editorial:

1st Prize: Stella Johnson, USA, "The Laundry, Crete, Greece"

2nd Prize: Sandra Chen Weinstein, USA, "Watchman of the Treasury, Jordan"

3rd Prize: Marissa Roth, USA, "Afghan Women and Children Refugees"

Honorable Mention: Stella Johnson, USA, "Roula, Mytilene, Greece"

Honorable Mention: Stella Johnson, USA, "The Face, Crete, Greece"

Honorable Mention: Marissa Roth, USA, "The Brothel Door"

Honorable Mention: Stella Lee, USA, "Kevin's New Leg"

Category Fine Art:

1st Prize (shared): Carol Isaak, USA, "Acolyte"

1st Prize (shared): Jacqueline Roberts, Germany, "Menina"

2nd Prize (shared): Andrea Misurova, Slovakia, "Chess"

2nd Prize (shared): Dina Bova, Israel, "Fears and Hopes"

3rd Prize: Haley Jane Samuelson, USA, "The Unseen Might Survive"

Honorable Mention: Pat Swain, USA, "Untitled"

Honorable Mention: Patrizia Burra, Italy, "Breakfast"

Honorable Mention: Fran Forman, USA, "Solitary Bird"

Honorable Mention: Karen Divine, USA, "Bird Mission"

Honorable Mention: Joyce P. Lopez, USA, "Sky Water Divided"

Honorable Mention: Linda Caldwell, USA, "Entwined in Vines"

Honorable Mention: Kirsten Hoving, USA, "Andromeda, The Chained Princess"

Honorable Mention: Kat Moser, USA, "Coriandre"

Honorable Mention: Dina Bova, Israel, "Paradise Lost"

Honorable Mention: Sara Belleau, USA, "Cancer"

Honorable Mention: Nancy McEntee, USA, "Peat Bog Achill Island, Ireland"

Category Landscapes and Cityscapes:

1st Prize (shared): Merrimon Crawford, USA, "80th Avenue"

1st Prize (shared): Eli Reinholdtsen, Norway, "Spray Painting"

2nd Prize (shared): Linda Caldwell, USA, "Dancing Trees"

2nd Prize (shared): Michal Agmon Gonnen, Israel, "Horizon"

3rd Prize: Rosa Isabel Lopez Vazquez, Spain, "The Trip"

Honorable Mention: Tessa Bunney, United Kingdom, "Tidal Pool, Mousehole, Cornwall"

Honorable Mention: Sharon Johnson-Tenant, USA, "Dawn in Rajasthan"

Honorable Mention: April Ward, Australia, "Wall Paper"

Honorable Mention: Rivka Tabak, Israel, "Paris"

Honorable Mention: Annette Willis, Australia, "Barrington 1"

Honorable Mention: Larysa Sendich, USA, "Untitled"

Honorable Mention: Stella Lee, USA, "Santa Monica Shoreline"

Honorable Mention: Darlene Yeager-Torre, USA, "Phillips 66"

Category Nature:

1st Prize: Eileen Rodriguez Campbell, USA, "Rough Sea"

2nd Prize: Lauren Hermele, USA, "Floating on the Danube"

3rd Prize: Donna Rosser, USA, "Serendipity"

Honorable Mention: Eileen Rodriguez Campbell, USA, "Ants Love Popcorn"

Honorable Mention: Lana Granlich, USA, "Sunset Through Live Oaks"

Honorable Mention: Kathleen Gerber, USA, "Look Here"

Category Nude:

1st Prize: Dina Bova, Israel, "Time to Lose and Time to Seek"

2nd Prize: Alexandra Passage, USA, "Ginger 2"

3rd Prize: Elin Hoyland, Norway, "The Beach"

Honorable Mention: Elena Zhukova, USA, "Untitled"

Honorable Mention: Ana Straze, Slovenia, "Triple Triptych III"

Category Portrait, People and Figure:

1st Prize: Rania Matar, USA, "Elham 18, Shatila Refugee Camp, Beirut"

2nd Prize: Sucheta Das, India, "Wrestler"

3rd Prize (shared): Rebecca Reeve, USA, "Amada, Havana"

3rd Prize (shared): Jacqueline Roberts, Germany, "Erlinda Emrys and Malen"

Honorable Mention: Susan Ragan, USA, "Bronx Boy"

Honorable Mention: Elly Prestegaard, Norway, "Freeze"

Honorable Mention: Roni Ben Ari, Israel, "Turkish Tea Time"

Honorable Mention: Annette Schreyer, Germany, "Triplets, Sicily"

Honorable Mention: Andrea Misurova, Slovakia, "Turban"

Honorable Mention: Dina Bova, Israel, "Fragile"

Honorable Mention: Olya Ivanova, Russian Federation, "Michael"

Category Self Portrait:

1st Prize: Heidi Lender, USA, "Green Dress"

2nd Prize: Heidi Lender, USA, "Untitled"

3rd Prize: Ginger Cook, USA, "Self Portrait at 54"

Honorable Mention: Patrizia Burra, Italy, "Of Mice and Woman"

Honorable Mention: Michiko Weinmann, Australia, "Res Cogitans"

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Hartop, United Kingdom, "Looking for Francesca"

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Hartop, United Kingdom, "The Search"

Honorable Mention: Minkyung Ham, Qatar, "Can You Hear Me"

Category Street Photography:

1st Prize: Sucheta Das, India, "Rain"

2nd Prize: Sharon Johnson-Tennat, USA, "Whites"

3rd Prize: Rivka Tabak, Israel, "Boy"

Honorable Mention: Noreen Larinde, USA, "Street Scene, Morocco"

Honorable Mention: Drora Bashan, Israel, "The Messenger"

Honorable Mention: Kerry Sharkey-Miller, USA, ""Shaggy Dog at the Chocolate Factory, Brazil"

Honorable Mention: Yu-Chen Chiu, USA, "Closed Invitation"

Category Wedding:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize: Not awarded

Honorale Mention: Jacqueline Briel, South Africa, "Flower Girls"

Honorable Mention: Godelieve Mols, Australia, "Bride Maids"


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